you may need assistance with your legs

May 17, 2023

You can also keep a heated pad near your bed. If you feel like moving around, consider keeping an electric walker or cane nearby. Also, you’ll need to consider what types of pillows are most comfortable for you. If you can, try to keep your bathroom at the same floor level as your bed. Shower chairs and toilet risers can make daily life easier. You should also have extra toilet paper on hand, because you may not be able go to the shop if your supply runs low.

Dishes and silverware should be removed from cabinetry that is difficult to reach. Place them near the stove or on an accessible shelf. Also, stock up on meals precio de operación de hernia discal that are easy to prepare. Healthy foods can help with your recovery. While it is okay to indulge in unhealthy snack foods, you should still try to maintain an overall healthy eating plan.

The surgery is not the only option to treat back pain. You will need at least three weeks of physical rehabilitation after your surgery. The goal of physical therapy is to aid your body in reaching its optimal level of recovery. However, it can be a very challenging process. You should try to adhere as closely as you can to your therapist’s instructions. It can significantly reduce your recovery time.

Physical therapy may focus on muscle groups surrounding the surgery and injury. Exercises that your therapist instructs you to do will help strengthen the muscles and stabilize the region, preventing future issues. But physical therapy doesn’t stop when you part with your therapist. The therapist may send home exercises for you to complete at home.

You will require extra calories for your healing process during the recovery period. However, these calories need not come from sugary and fatty foods. Concentrate on fruits, vegetables, high protein foods and grains. You may also want to take vitamin supplements if recommended by your doctor. Or, incorporate smoothies and protein shakes into your daily diet if it is difficult for you to consume the additional calories. Also, it is very important that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

This is true for everyone, but it’s especially important to avoid smoking and drinking excessively while you are recovering. Avoid smoking during recovery if you’re a smoker. Nicotine may slow the healing of your bones. A similar caution applies to excessive drinking. Alcohol and painkillers can interact in a dangerous way.

A good night’s sleep is essential for rapid recovery. Even though it may be challenging to get enough sleep, try and establish a sleeping schedule. You can distract yourself if you find yourself drifting off in the middle day. You will sleep better if you can get a good night’s rest.

Ask your doctor or physical therapist about the exercises you can do to help accelerate your healing. After your recovery, you should continue to practice this good habit. Maintaining a healthy, balanced weight is essential to prevent future back pain.

A good posture will help to avoid any discomfort and ensure that your spine is properly aligned. You can also try changing positions while resting to help you maintain good posture. To help improve your posture, you can use low-back support pillows.