Forget to ask for the estimate

July 8, 2022

Santos VIP Limousine Service can help you locate the perfect limousine or party bus for your event. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a prom, wedding or other big event, you need to get the best vehicle for the money. When booking limo service, there are many things to take into consideration. This limo rental tips guide will help you make the most of your luxury transportation experience. The type of event, number of passengers, time required, and distance traveled will all play a part in choosing the right limousine. Many companies will need to know Boston Concert whether this is for a wedding or concert, prom, birthday, anniversary, etc. They also specialize in specific events to ensure the best experience. You will receive better service and value if you provide more information.

The right vehicle can often make all the difference. You can choose a stretch Hummer for the bachelor party, or a vintage Rolls Royce to ride off in style after the wedding. Make sure the vehicle you are getting is spacious and has all the features that you need for your next event. You should try to find a vehicle with enough space for at least one or two additional people. You may be able to bring your iPod or mix CD, and some companies offer music (radio or satellite). Ask about the size of your luggage and how it will fit in your large group vehicle.

Make sure to compare limousine and party bus prices so you can make an informed decision. Every limousine company will have its own pricing policy. Many companies charge by the hour, but some may offer guaranteed rates or flat rates for airport transfers. Be aware of any “add-on’s”, such as fuel surcharges and other fees that are not included in the base cost. FYI: It is standard to tip drivers between 15-20% and 20% of the base price. Many companies charge gratuity to drivers, but some let the customer decide. When weighing your options, make sure you know the exact price upfront.

Packages are often the best option for special occasions such as weddings, concerts or sporting events. For a fixed price, packages will provide an all-inclusive package that includes a set amount of hours and a vehicle that is suitable for your event. Many companies offer packages that include all types of services. Most also offer substantial discounts at “bulk rates”.

Before you book your limo, start searching. Some people book a limo for their wedding 12-18 months ahead of time. For other events such as proms, it is best to book a limousine at least a month in advance. It is best to begin looking at limos 3-4 weeks prior to your event. Once you have chosen the right limousine service provider, receive confirmation in writing. It’s a good idea, for special occasions, to get confirmation in writing from your limo service provider at least a week prior to the event.

Safety for you and your passengers is the most important aspect of booking a limousine. Legal limo companies must be licensed and registered in their state. Do not book a limousine with a company that cannot quickly show you their insurance and licensing credentials.

Consider all details about your ride experience. Are you thirsty? Are you a fan of a particular route? Which stops would you prefer to make? These details will allow you to choose the best limo service provider for your needs.

These Limo Rental Tips are hoped to be helpful. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or to show you our fleet. We wish you all the best with your planning and look forward to seeing you soon!