Preparing for your move will help set you up for success

July 26, 2022

Setting a budget is a good way to cut costs when moving. You can determine whether you can afford to hire a professional or do it yourself. Setting a realistic moving budget will help you ensure that your move won’t cost more than you can afford. After setting your budget you will know if you can hire professional movers, or if it’s possible to do it yourself. You should research the top moving companies before you hire movers. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Compare the quotes of several companies before making a decision.

Now that you know how many items you need to move it is time to order packing materials and moving boxes. Buy more moving boxes that you think you’ll need. You don’t want to be forced to run to the store to purchase or pack more moving boxes. It will lead commercial moving and storage to more stress, and also waste your time. Keep your drawers full. You can easily move clothes and non-breakable items in your dresser with this packing tip. Use shrink wrap to protect the dresser. The plastic protects the drawers during transport. Unwrap the packing when you arrive at your new house.

Your clothes will be easier to move and set-up in your new house if they are on hangers. You can group your clothes by five or six hangers, depending on how bulky they are. Wrap them in large garbage bags. A wardrobe box that has a metal bar can be used to store several clothes hangers may also work. Once you have moved into your new home, your clothes can be moved straight into the new closet.

You can take photos of the complicated wiring behind your entertainment systems to help you remember how it will be set up when it’s gone. It’s the same for any equipment you will need to take apart for the move. You should also take photos of valuables and fragile objects in case they get lost or are damaged during transit. Images will prove invaluable when filing an insurance claim.

A little planning can help you save time in setting up your new house. For color-coding your boxes you can use different stickers or makers. First, assign a color to each area. Label the boxes you pack. You’ll be able identify each box quickly when you get to your new place. Moving is an inevitable part of our lives. No matter how many times you move, or how new your life is, moving can be stressful. Moving is not an easy task. However, there are many ways to make moving easier.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks involved in a move. There will be many tasks to complete, but first think about whether you want to hire a professional moving company or rent a truck. Is it better to hire professional help or do you feel you can handle a DIY move on your own?

For reliable and reputable movers, you can visit our directory of moving companies. To rent a truck, our guide will help you find the best truck rental companies. In either case, you should get at least three quotes. You can get moving on faster if this is done early. We recommend you do research on the companies at least eight weeks before your move, and then get quotes. You should hire them no later than seven weeks before the move.

Once you have hired movers, or rented a truck to move your belongings, decide what next. Use our moving checklist to guide you or you can create your own. You can add new tasks to the list as you go. It will help to stay organized and reduce stress when moving.